When you’re a student in Lancaster, finding the right accommodation is key to ensuring a successful and enjoyable university experience. Mighty Student Living (MSL) offers a diverse range of housing options tailored to meet every student's needs, from cozy studios to spacious multi-bedroom houses. Here's why Mighty Student Living stands out as a prime choice forstudent accommodation in Lancaster.

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Variety of Housing Options

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Studios and Apartments

MSL provides beautifully designed studio apartments, perfect for students who prefer living alone or who require a quiet environment to study and relax. Each studio is fully furnished with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Shared Houses (2-10 Bedrooms):

For those who enjoy living with friends or making new ones, MSL offers houses ranging from 2 to 10 bedrooms. These properties come with spacious communal areas, allowing for social gatherings, group studies, or simply chilling out. Larger houses are ideal for student groups who want to stick together.

Dedicated Student Support

Mighty Student Living is not just about providing a roof over your head. They offer a dedicated student team focused on looking after your needs as a tenant. They genuinely care about their tenants, which is reflected in their 24-hour emergency contact availability and a user-friendly repair reporting system through Fixflo.

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Secure and Compliant Accommodations

All properties managed by MSL are vetted to ensure they meet high standards of safety and comfort. Unlike many competitors, MSL directly manages all the properties listed on their website, ensuring that each meets legally required standards before being available for rent.

Hassle-Free Contract Signing

Mighty Student Living uses electronic signatures to take the hassle out of signing your tenancy agreement. This modern approach allows you to sign your agreement anywhere, without the need to organize your whole group to come to the office, making the process smooth and straightforward.

Transparent Tenancy Agreements

MSL strives to be as transparent as possible about the tenants’ obligations under the tenancy agreement. They provide clear guidance on what the agreement entails in practical terms and offer support if things don’t go according to plan.

Additional Benefits

Contents Insurance:

In partnership with Endsleigh, the No. 1 student insurance provider, MSL offers some level of cover for the contents inside your house. This initiative ensures that you have basic coverage, which you can extend and personalise to protect laptops, phones, and other valuables.

Stay Another Year:

If you love where you live, MSL gives you the option to renew your tenancy, allowing you to leave items over the summer and reduce the hassle of moving annually.

Community Involvement and Discounts:

With the Mighty Card, students enjoy special discounts at local retailers in Lancaster, fostering a sense of community and making student life not just easier but also more enjoyable.

Mighty Student Card

Mighty Student Living not only offers diverse accommodation options but also provides a robust support system for its tenants, ensuring a secure, comfortable, and enjoyable living experience. Whether you are new to Lancaster or looking for a better living situation, MSL’s comprehensive services and student-focused approach make it a top choice forstudent accommodation in Lancaster.

Mighty Student Living is committed to making your student life in Lancaster as fulfilling as possible. Explore their properties today and find your perfect student home. For more information, visit Mighty Student Living's website or contact their dedicated team to discuss your accommodation needs.