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Tenant Testimonials

  • MSL and Hannah Murray in particular were very helpful with any issues I had regarding my flat.

    Ziad Pike
    12 August, 2023
  • Really pleasant experience with mighty student living.

    Hannah Murray has been super helpful with any queries or things needing fixing!

    Evie Dawson
    25 May, 2023
  • MSL deserves to be commended because they are a team of professionals and helpful, even on weekend you also can find someone to help.

    8 March, 2023
  • What a wonderful experience. The move in was hassle free and the professionalism of the team second to none. Thank you to all involved

    16 January, 2023
  • My experience with MSL is completely satisfying and to my expectations. The staff is great and very cooperative and they do work hard to make sure everything is going well.

    1 January, 2023
  • Have been with MSL for a while and have always been impressed with their service. Would highly recommend!

    1 November, 2022
  • After moving from India to Lancaster 3 months ago, the team at Mighty Student has been extremely helpful.

    1 October, 2022
  • 3 years renting with MSL. Few problems in the first year, but they were ironed out in the following 2 years with Mighty through various system changes. Issues always dealt with promptly and fairly, along with updates for those that may take longer (washing machine, oven etc.) Notified well in advance of any viewings being undertaken at the properties, along with any other visitors necessary, meter readings/surveyors. Also have been extremely helpful when asked for references for a private tenancy. All in all, MSL has improved a great deal in my time renting with them and would recommend to any prospective tenants. Staff are helpful, friendly and accommodating. Thanks guys!

    25 August, 2022
  • Emma has been my Property Manager for the last 2 years whilst I rented as Young Professional. She has always been professional and approachable and swift to resolve any issues/concerns. Emma is a real asset to the team and any tenant would be lucky to have her as a Property Manager. I have recently vacated my property and the full exit process was completed in 5 working days (7 including weekends) which truly shows how prompt and efficient Emma is. Credit to Beccy and her the rest of her team as well.

    Olivia Gresswell
    24 June, 2022
  • A really smooth experience with them! Currently in touch with Emma for a property in Lancaster and she is super helpful. I get responses instantly, takes 24 hours max given the different timezones. Will be studying as an international student in UK and I feel safe to say that this is one of the important things and I'm not stressed about anymore because of her support

    Bhavika Sharma
    15 June, 2022
  • Lovely experience. Went the mile for us. Ben was very very good to us and helped us find a good place to stay.

    30 May, 2022
  • Mighty Student Living have been wonderfully helpful for me over the past year so much so I have decided to rent with them again this year! All the staff are efficient and friendly, they answer queries quickly and are very informative. Would definitely recommend using Mighty Student Living.

    Jenson Thomas
    9 May, 2022
  • Extremely helpful and communicative team. Maintainance is always on top of their stuff and Emma is a great property manager, very helpful and proactive.

    Sahima Chawla
    11 April, 2022
  • I’ve had a lovely experience with Mighty Student. I moved to Lancaster all the way from Dubai, and the process was so unbelievably smooth, all thanks to Emma and her team. Emma always updated me with all the information I needed especially since I was very unfamiliar with renting properties in the UK, she was very responsive by email and phone, and the house I rented was in exactly the same renovated conditions promised. Very professional, highly recommended

    Diala Zabalawi
    28 March, 2022
  • Had issues with my oven and emailed the MSL team, within moments someone had replied and the next day I received a new oven. Really polite and helpful when I wasn't sure how/who to contact about a solution.

    Bethany Clelland
    16 March, 2022
  • Mighty Student Living have been wonderfully helpful for me over the past year so much so I have decided to rent with them again this year! All the staff are efficient and friendly, they answer queries quickly and are very informative. Would definitely recommend using Mighty Student Living.

    Jenson Thomas
    17 February, 2022
  • Thank you for the honesty and good attitude with which Mighty House serves its customers. I am extremely pleased with the professionalism of the company's employees. Special thanks to Errin Butcher and Jack Chandler! Be healthy! Kind Regards

    Penka Georgieva
    7 February, 2022
  • Had a great overall experience with Mighty Student Living, issues with the house were fixed nearly within the day. Errin, our property manager, was particularly helpful with helping to manage ending our contract and any issues we had quickly :)

    Cameron Routh
    30 January, 2022
  • Had an issue in my bathroom, Emma, Cherrie and the MSL team have been very understanding and fixed the issue swiftly.

    Eccleysia Zukukato
    19 January, 2022
  • Recently moved out after a two-year tenancy. Any issues which arose during the tenancy were dealt with promptly by Emma Brady and the rest of the team with a good standard of communication. Deposit was returned in under a month with few deductions. All in all would recommend.

    Louis Kirby
    29 November, 2021
  • They are very caring to help when I encounter difficulties!Thank to Olivia Gresswell!

    9 February, 2021
  • I have been renting out student houses with MHL for a number of years and Emma has been my property manager for much of that time.Emma has taken a real interest in my houses and in my tenants,looking after both me and them equally.Always quick to respond to my enquiries and always willing to pass on requests from my tenants for my consent.Emma is a true professional and an asset to MSL.

    Sam Shepard
    4 February, 2021
  • I cannot thank Emma enough for how helpful she’s been with me and my friend renting our first student house!! She’s always quick to reply and helps us with any problems that need sorting ( a rare occasion)!! So so lovely and I can’t wait to carry on renting from her x

    Morgan Mackenzie
    19 January, 2021
  • Had a stay at 17 Golgotha, lovely place with a brilliant price point. We did have an issue (causes by one of us) that required numerous reports until it eventually got acted upon, which was rather frustrating, the system could be better. Emma Brady was our point of communication and she was flawless, always helped when we needed it. Would work with them again.

    Kristiyan Dimitrov
    24 November, 2020
  • So, last minute I needed a studio flat. Saw a great deal £99 a week wow! It did have some indications that it was under construction fair enough, but it was clear from the start that from the 3rd, I would be placed in a hotel which was already paid for by Mighty Student Living. This hotel alone is around £50 a night so this was a brilliant deal. The arrangement was supposed to be until the 19th however, a recent email states that a few issues have occurred with the studios. At first I was worried, but then I read the rest of the email, we were going to get a weeks rent back plus £15 a day food money sent directly into our bank account. Our hotel stay was also to be extended... Brilliant! The communication side of things is quick and responsive. Judith from the team, is very attentive and has a very kind tone when emailing or speaking on the phone. No problem at all. Always keeping us updated! I will update this review as time goes by, but so far, it has been a great customer experience.

    Callum Gilhom
    4 November, 2020
  • Mighty Student Living had definitely been quite helpful with the entire Covid-19 situation. Since my private student accommodation hasn't yet finished furnishing yet as it is a new build, the property manager Judith Solomon had arranged me to stay in a 4 Stars hotel right next to the Campus until my accommodation finishes building. With my own experience in mind, I would definitely recommend this company to fellow students and friends. The arrangements had been professional and reliable 90% of the time and I look forward to being with Mighty Student Living for the upcoming year or even three years of student accommodation. :)))

    Margaret Liu
    30 October, 2020
  • I lived in one of the mighty student flats over the last year. Overall, it’s a good experience. Big thanks to Margarita who helped to get in touch with the landlord quickly when someone was flooding our flat even on Sunday! Her blog on how to get deposits back made sure we got ours in 100%.

    Sofiya Reva
    29 October, 2020
  • Great place for your son to stay whilst at uni. Review edit: one year on after leaving the five star review, I can, looking back at the way my son was treated maintain the five star status. It was easy in and easy out. Very professional outfit.

    Gordon Simmons
    20 October, 2020
  • Had an emergency issue that was handled quickly without any further issues, great service from Ryan

    Reece Schofield
    24 September, 2020
  • I got an apartment through Emma Brady and her customer service was top notch; she responded promptly every time I reached out. I enjoyed my stay and would definitely recommend.
    Boluwatito Olanipekun
    13 August, 2020
  • My bed has been broke for months and I reported it two days ago and Graham came in and sorted it quickly, with a much better bed frame.

    Hatim Ahmed
    10 March, 2020
  • Great place for your son to stay whilst at uni. Review edit: one year on after leaving the five star review, I can, looking back at the way my son was treated maintain the five star status. It was easy in and easy out. Very professional outfit.
    Gordon Simmons
    19 February, 2020
  • Not long after moving into the property we started having issues with the boiler. The agents put us in touch with the plumber, Ryan and he came and had a look at the problem. Having been given permission for a new boiler to be installed Ryan kept me updated and got the job done for us. He was so friendly and polite and went out of his way to come back another day and show me how to sort out a small issue that I couldn't figure out. Really pleased with the service he provided. Thank you

    Becky Richardson
    18 January, 2020
  • Heating issues within the property. Ryan rang to organise a good time for us and fixed the boiler and radiators. Great communication and service provided!

    Rahul Kapoor
    9 January, 2020
  • My experience of Mighty Student Living has been fantastic, they have very friendly staff, all professionals, they respond very quickly to carryout repairs. I highly recommend all students to approach the team! They will take great care of all their tenants! 5*

    Suleyman Ozdemir
    5 June, 2019
  • The team helping me with finding my house were absolutely amazing. I had to find a place quite last minute and put heaps of pressure on them, but they absolutely delivered. I won't recommend anyone leaving it as last minute as I did but thank you to everyone that helped me. Customer service was excellent and I felt very looked after!

    Rozanne Nolte
    9 January, 2019
  • Using Mighty Student Living as an intermediary in finding a place in Lancaster was a blessing as I decided over Christmas that commuting from Manchester was wear and tear on me and the car. I found them online via sparerooms.com, though the place I saw online matched what was featured, I knew it was not for me. Claire listened to what i would like and ensured that I found a place I call home. I have been here since February and my experience with both Mighty Student Living and the landlord has gone smoothly. Thanks for all your assistance in ensuring I find a place that I can call home whilst away from home. 

    Adesola Ajeigbe
    16 September, 2018
  • I would like to say a huge thank you to Peter and his team especially Isobel who went above and beyond to help us try and find a home for my daughter to rent. The service we received was AMAZING. The courtesy that the whole team gave me certainly puts Mighty House firmly at the forefront of my mind when thinking of premier customer service. 
    I would like to add that one of the main reasons Mighty House stood out for me was after 3 months of discussion with estate and letting agents in Lancaster, Mighty House was the only company we faced who had staff with nice manners and were able to provide good customer service, I’m afraid this is not so with all agents in Lancaster. They came across as the only letting agents who actually cared about the customer standing in front of them, rather than just trying to palm off excuses or not listening at all as was the case with many others. All in all excellent service received. Thanks Guys. :)

    Katharine and Katriona
    29 September, 2015
  • I have been extremely happy to rent from Mighty House and I am really grateful for all your help in the past one year. I will recommend Mighty House to my friend and anyone else for sure. I think I speak for everyone at 64, Coulston Road when I say that your management has been first class!

    Mr Misra
    18 June, 2015
  • Very good service from Peter and Isobel, would come back again, and have recommended to many friends.

    Maysara Adel Ali Sayed
    30 January, 2015
  • Fantastic service in my first year from Peter and team. Any issues resolved swiftly.

    George Kushnov
    30 January, 2015
  • Mighty House is a very helpful company which provided clear information which allowed me to make my final decision when choosing a place to live in my second year of university. The Services I received from Peter Charnley were excellent he constantly contacted me to let me know how the application process was proceeding and if there were any issues which needed to be dealt with. Also Mighty House was able to find an area which was convenient with my needs despite me being a little late with my accommodation application. I would recommend this company when looking for high quality housing.

    Admire Kashiri
    1 December, 2014
  • Loved the house, great people who are friendly helpful and always available to get in contact with. The staff made it a easy and understanding process with no complications, all round great housing, would defiantly stay with mighty house !!!

    Amy Blezard
    18 November, 2014

Landord Testimonials

  • As an expat investing in student accommodation I couldn't have found a better partner than Mighty Student living. The whole process ran super smoothly, first viewings online, later direct at the property and then finding suitable tenants. All the staff are very professional and extremely friendly, answering all questions almost always within 30 minutes. A special thank's to Beccy and Cherrie who's competence and positive attitude made them a joy to work with. I can definitely recommend Mighty Student living, Thank you

    Alan Jones
    27 June, 2022
  • I am a landlord with several student properties managed by Mighty House. I only own properties I would be happy to live in myself. I cannot praise their efforts on my behalf highly enough- especially Cherrie, Jack and Greg.

    Diana Armstrong
    9 February, 2022
  • I have worked with Mighty Student Living for 4 years, and throughout that time they have been professional, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Living 250 miles away I need agents who I can rely on and will keep me up to date with what is going on. Emma Brady has been my property manager for the last 2 years and nothing is too much trouble, she will pop over to a property to read meters, check up on maintenance problems, recommend contractors etc. Emma is usually very busy, particularly with covid, but will always return calls/emails quickly and despite managing many properties always remembers what has happened and is going on with mine. It is such a reassurance that Emma is managing my properties!

    Peter Homa
    7 February, 2021
  • I have had the most wonderful experience with MSL through Emma Brady. She has been nothing but helpful and understanding during a turbulent time. She maintains professionalism throughout with humanity and care, making me feel supported with situations that have been outside of both of our control. I couldn't recommend working with her enough! Thank you so much.

    R. Price
    4 February, 2021
  • I had the opportunity to work with Mighty Student Living part time helping out with the student lettings. It is an amazing company to work for, the staff are so friendly and make everyone feel welcome. I can't thank Mighty Student Living enough for the opportunity, especially Olivia and Emma who oversaw my viewings and ensured my day always ran smoothly :)

    Peter Elder
    3 February, 2021
  • Jack and team,

    Thanks for all the help with letting our student properties and for doing such a great job with rents!

    James and Jodie
    20 January, 2021
  • I cannot thank Emma enough for how hard she has worked for resolving any issues I've had I've always been kept in the loop and sent updates.. As a student landlord myself and looking from the outside I can certainly see mighty are hitting the ground running, Love the video viewings The future looks bright it looks to me your trying to give the best possible experience for both Student and Landlord. I must also say a Massive thank you to jack the overall mighty manager, the best analogy I can use is he will do everything in his power to provide you with best customer care nothing is too much thank you so much. Thank you mighty..

    Kevin Mcgrath
    2 December, 2020
  • Mighty Student manage a couple of my student properties and take all the hassle out of owning student lets. They have been very proactive in finding tenants and addressing the students needs. Kirstie and Tracy have been particularly helpful.

    Keith Owen
    1 August, 2019
  • Felicity assisted us in dealing with an energy supplier in a speedy and professional manner. I have found her very pleasant and proficient to deal with. As student letting landlords, we need an agency to provide tip-top service with signing up of tenants, dealing with day to day issues. This has been our experience with Mighty Student Living. 

    Mighty Student Living was recommended to us for student letting and we are very pleased that we chose them for this. I can highly recommend their company.

    Margie Haslewood
    21 June, 2019
  • In my experience Tracy, Jason and the team have so much care for the students, the properties and Landlords. I have been with them for 3 -4 years and they continually go above and beyond for Landlords and students.

    They encourage Landlords to do necessary work to keep properties in good shape, plus as they have an in-house maintenance team, so all the quotes for fixing things are very reasonable. I love that they always come to us with solutions not problems i.e. they tell us the issue and then give us the different solutions, plus let us know how much each will cost.

    I have a few properties across the UK and can hand on heart say Mighty Student Living is one of the best agents I have ever worked with.

    Jessica Chai
    9 April, 2019
  • Mighty House gave me a super platform to advertise my property, accompanied with quick and responsive customer service to help me rent my house within 2 days of going live. I would definitely recommend Mighty House as a economical and effective way to sell or rent your property.

    Julia Pedrick
    19 July, 2015
  • Very pleased with service and found the team very helpful. Having had experience of using other letting agents before, I would recommend and use Mighty House again.

    Anthony Mulvey
    30 January, 2015
  • I found Mighty House via an internet search.  I had a fantastic experience. They weren't pushy like other sales people, and the communication was great. I would highly recommend and would use again.

    Mr Paul Dickonson & Mrs Lucy Hall
    30 January, 2015
  • Mighty House offered a competitive price, They were easy to deal with, well experienced, gave me confidence during the process that they know what they are doing . I'm very pleased with the efficiency and wouldn't hesitate to use again. Highly recommend.

    Ian Thomasson & Andrew Dorrington
    30 January, 2015
  • Peter is well experienced and has good knowledge of the market, very helpful and has a professional mannerism.  Has a good team of contractors who were very helpful.  Looking forward to dealing with MH soon with a new property.

    Mr Timms
    29 January, 2015
  • I chose Mighty House because it had the most favourable rate on the market and the advice offered. I would definitely recommend and use them again.

    Mrs Sally Temple
    29 January, 2015
  • I chose MH through recommendation, I received an excellent service, the team were a joy to deal with, all very pleasant and process was completed very smoothly, wouldn't hesitate to use again and would highly recommend.  Mighty House dealt with everything and got all properties up to the required standard too

    Mrs Derith Bone & Mr James Bone
    29 January, 2015
  • A very professional service was provided by Mighty House when renting out our house. Their helpful and knowledgeable staff ensured that we got the right tenants for our property which resulted in a totally stress free experience. If all business dealings were like this one, then life would be a breeze. I would highly recommend Mighty House

    Andrew Dorrington
    3 December, 2014
  • Very professional. Mighty House changed the wording on my advert to increase the number of viewers and this worked. I would highly recommend Mighty House.

    Mr Barry Heaton & Mrs Pamela Heaton
    2 December, 2014
  • We were kept up to date on regular basis, nothing seems too much trouble for the team at Mighty House, only one word to sum up "Excellent". Both of us were very impressed.

    Glenn & Trudy Baird
    2 December, 2014
  • All positive, dealt with Peter - Peter is very responsive and helpful person, who goes out of his way.  Would definitely recommend.

    Mr S & Mrs A Cockman
    2 December, 2014
  • I just wanted to thank you guys at MH for getting my unit in Aalborg Place rented out so quickly and painlessly, it’s a big relief for me to know that everything is taken care of and being looked after in the UK now that I’m back in Australia.

    Simon Lloyd
    8 April, 2014
  • Mighty House are like a breath of fresh air. They manage all my propertied in the Rochdale area. They're a well organised business and trustworthy. I highly recommend them for hassle free property management.

    Brian Adgey, Devon
    5 May, 2013
  • I have been using Peter Charnley as my letting agent for over 2 years now. Not only is it a breath of fresh air dealing with Peter compared to other agents, but I find he comes to me with solutions to problems...rather than just problems and an invoice! This makes a big difference as he is always looking to mitigate running costs, as though the property was one of his own. Maybe that's the key, Peter is an established property investor/landlord in his own right and therefore better understands my needs as a fellow-landlord. I would highly recommend him.

    Stuart Mather, Manchester
    28 February, 2013
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MSL and Hannah Murray in particular were very helpful with any issues I had regarding my flat. Ziad Pike
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  • “MSL and Hannah Murray in particular were very helpful with any issues I had regarding my flat.”
    Ziad Pike
  • “Really pleasant experience with mighty student living.Hannah Murray has been super helpful with any queries or things needing...”
    Evie Dawson
  • “MSL deserves to be commended because they are a team of professionals and helpful, even on weekend you also can find someone...”
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