Mighty Student Living are aiming to become one of the most eco-friendly companies in Lancaster. The team have always been conscious of the environment and are actively encouraged to recycle and walk to viewings (within reason) instead of driving.  However, going completely green isn't something that can be done overnight and the team are working together to take steps into becoming a greener company.

The first obvious move is to become paperless. Thanks to most services being available online now we have already been able to drastically cut down on our use of paper for the majority of our lettings and sales processes, however there is still a way to go. In February we also scrapped using our telephone notepads and Post-It notes. We we were in a habit of using these to pass on messages when members of staff had been out of the office. Now we send an email with all the relevant information on. This way is already proving to be much more efficient!  

We will keep you updated in our blog posts for the changes that we are making so you can follow us on our green journey.