Preparing to Leave Your Student Accommodation at Christmas


The Christmas break is a time for joy, family, and a well-deserved rest from university life. However, sometimes it might not be easy to organise everything before leaving your student accommodation, especially during this busy time of assignments and exams. With so much to think about, it's no wonder that the thought of leaving your student accommodation can make you feel anxious! The to-do list seems endless, mirroring the length of your Christmas wishlist, but don't worry, Mighty Student Living is here to help.

Here, we’re putting all your holiday blues aside as we provide expert advice and top tips to make your transition from student accommodation to home stress-free and seamless.

1.    Make a Checklist

Start by creating a complete checklist which includes everything you want to take home with you for your Christmas holidays. Think essentials such as toiletries and winter clothes, as well as any assignment work you’ll need for your study breaks. A checklist ensures that you don't leave anything behind in the rush and helps you manage your tasks more efficiently. If you’re not a lover of traditional paper and pen, you can even use apps like Google Keep or Trello to create and organise your to-dos.


2.    Securing Your Accommodation (What to Leave Behind and What to Take)

Security is key when leaving your accommodation for a longer period. Even though our student housing in Lancaster is super safe, if you’re sharing your space with other students, it’s always a good idea to keep the security of your possessions at the forefront of your priorities. Remember

Essentials like laptops, valuable documents, and sentimental items should be on your take-home list. However, if you’re running out of space or don’t want to take some of these things with you, just make sure to lock valuables in your room when you leave.

3.    Preparing Your University Work

Before you get caught up in the festive spirit, ensure that your university work is in order. Start by checking if you have any assignments due during or immediately after the break, and then plan your schedule to complete your assignments before leaving or set aside time during the holidays to work on them. To stay organised, use a calendar app to set reminders for university deadlines and study sessions. This foresight will prevent any last-minute panic and allow you to fully immerse yourself in Christmas once you’re home! Remember, once you’re back at your accommodation, it might take a lot of work to get into the university mood right away, so you’ll thank yourself for this preparation.

4. Taking Advantage of Christmas Shopping in Your City

Of course, before you leave, you’ve got to take advantage of the local festive shopping opportunities! If you have any free time before heading off home, this is a great chance to pick up unique gifts for family and friends. Exploring Christmas markets and local shops in the city can be a delightful experience and a perfect way to say bye to the city before heading home. Plus, with the Mighty Card, you can score discounts across many local vendors within walking distance from your student housing in Lancaster, making your Christmas shopping even more enjoyable!


5. Packing Tips

Packing can be tricky, but it's essential to plan properly in order to pack smart. With a dash of smart packing tips and a sprinkle of efficient organising, you can make packing an easy task. Here are several strategies to simplify the process:

·       Implement Space-Saving Techniques: Use simple hacks to maximise space, such as rolling your clothes tightly instead of folding them. This not only saves space but also helps avoid wrinkles.

·       Pack a Mix of Clothing: Remember to pack a mix of warm and cosy clothing for the winter weather back home, but also some lighter options. You never know when a mild day may surprise you!

·       Consider Your Gifts: Whilst packing, remember any holiday gifts you've bought for family and friends back home. Ensure you pack these safely to prevent any damage during transit.

·       Essentials For Return: Consider what you'll need when you return after the Christmas break. That could include toiletries, a set of fresh clothes, and essential study materials. Packing these within easy reach will ensure that you can avoid an immediate major unpacking session when you return to university.

·       Packing Cubes Are Your Friends: Packing cubes are a great way to organise your items, and they can significantly simplify the unpacking process. You can divide your clothes, underwear, shoes, and other items into separate cubes, making unpacking and locating particular items easier.


As leading providers of student rooms to rent in Lancaster, we see students stressing about packing up for Christmas year in and year out. But hopefully, with this helpful guide, leaving your accommodation for the festive break won’t be a source of stress. By following these simple tips, you can ensure a smooth transition to your festive break. Remember, planning is key, and with a little organisation, you'll be ready to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with family and friends, knowing that you've set yourself up for success upon your return to university life.