Price Range

What is the absolute maximum you can/will go to for a property that is right for you? 

As you are late in applying for properties, you need to understand that there may be very limited options within your price range. 

If you can extend your range, by even £5 per week, this can hugely broaden your options. 

Consider that our properties are 'bills included' which means outside of this, there is nothing to pay unless you are a professional (where council tax is applicable).

Latecomer Advice


Have you considered an alternative area to see what else there may be further afield from your desired location? If you are thinking you want to be in a certain area, but it is proving difficult to find something in budget or that matches your requirements, why not look elsewhere. Most of our properties are in the highly desirable student area of Bowerham, Lancaster, this is often a lot closer to town and with great bus routes than most people think. Let us know if you want to be closer to the nightlife or closer to the university and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Group Size

We have a huge variety of properties ranging from 1 bedroom flats and studios to 12 bedroom houses! As you can understand, some of these sizes may no longer be available at this time of year, can you be flexible with your group size? Can you find friends or class mates that are struggling to get a property for their group too. If you combine together it could give you more options as to what is still out there!

And Finally… Compromise

If you can tweak your requirements to match our availability, you will find yourself with more options. We understand you don’t always want to compromise on some things, but perhaps you could take 3 bathrooms over 6 or a smaller kitchen but bigger dining area? It is always worth visiting properties to get a true feeling of what they would be like to live in and will allow you to decide whether compromises are happy to be made.