Extroverts often don’t understand introverts. Why would you want to share a house, if you don’t want to socialise? Well, introverts can be shy, or outgoing, and are still social - just not all the time. University is a social whirl - and can be utterly overwhelming for introverts. Apart from the ‘organised fun’, you’re likely living with people you haven’t chosen, or have different ideas of what personal space means. For some people, spending all day and night around other people is brilliant - energising, exciting and uplifting. But if that’s your idea of hell, read on.

Head to a Cafe

Most of the bars and cafes in Lancaster offer free WiFi if you want to study, or just watch cat videos in peace (remember headphones). The Novel Cafe is filled with books to buy or borrow, and cosy sofas for a quiet place to curl up. Sphere Bar has snug booths where you can get a cocktail or a coke and hide from the world. Atkinsons and Juicafe are busier, but great if you’d like a little background noise without the pressure to socialise. However the introvert’s paradise is definitely Sun Street. Tucked neatly behind the high street, you can grab a coffee at the Music Rooms, brunch at the Sunbury Tea Rooms, or a cake at the Sun Cafe.

Find the Library

Both the library in Lancaster town centre (Market Square) and the one at your university. The Uni libraries have study pods where you can extricate yourself from your housemates, classmates, acquaintances, tutors and friends - for blissful, blissful alone time. The one in town has quiet nooks, plenty of books and computers - some of which are tucked into corners for peace and relaxation. It tends to be much, much busier around lunchtimes and on Saturdays, but go during off peak (and avoid toddler story time) and you’ll be fine.

Be Around Animals

You’ve probably heard of Williamson’s Park by now. One of its crowning jewels is the animal area, where you can explore the tropical butterfly house, meet the reptiles, visit the aviary and feed the mini beasts (rabbits and guinea pigs). Alternatively, local charity Animal Care always needs people to cuddle the cats and walk the dogs (as does the Cinnamon Trust). This can really help if you’re missing a beloved family pet and is a great way to get exercise without having to subject yourself to team sports.

Finally, and most importantly, pick the right student house. You may have that super extroverted friend who is amazing to go clubbing with - that doesn’t mean they’ll be great to share a home with. It’s best to room with people of a similar temperament - so you can go out occasionally, chill out occasionally, and go to your respective corners when you need to recharge those batteries. But do participate and do get involved - you don’t want to be isolated at University. Just keep that balance.