This is the time of the year that all students are moving into their student accommodation. Naturally, everyone tends to personalize their room to make it cozy and welcoming for the whole academic year. Unfortunately, some students lose a part (or even all!) deposit due to common mistakes. This article presents 6 most common reasons of what could diminish your deposit as well as tips on how to keep your student accommodation in deposit-safe state.

Disclaimer: This article contains images that might not be very pleasant. All the photos are taken by our property inspectors and are used to show common mistakes of the previous tenants.

If you already moved in and looking for deposit-friendly design ideas check this article here!

1. Blu tac and other wall fixings

The poster fairs on campus are always intriguing and exciting with the designs that they have to offer. Posters might seem like a cheap way of putting your stamp on the room, however, later it can turn out as the most expensive piece of decor you had. Shortly, Blu Tac or White Tac are the BIGGEST enemy of your deposit. It leaves oily stains on the walls as the time goes by and sometimes it can even rip the paint off the wall whilst removing the blu tac. Therefore, the marks left from even a couple of posters can cost you repainting the whole room.

The same applies to other wall fixings such as double-sided tape, washi tape or various hooks. Most of the products claim that they do not leave marks on the walls, however, after hundreds of check-out inspections we can suggest that the majority of the wall fixings still leave marks. Therefore, we suggest to stay away from these products if you want to keep your deposit safe!

If your room already has nails or hooks in the walls, there is an idea of how to hang your posters using them here!

2.Protect your deposit with a mattress protector

Another pricey problem is spilled drinks on the mattress. Any stain on the mattress equals it getting deep-cleaned or even replaced (if it is a memory foam mattress) at the end of your tenancy. Therefore, a water-proof mattress protector is essential if you want to keep your deposit safe. This especially applies to fans of Netflix, chill and snacks in bed !

3.Don't watch it burn

Sounds obvious, but you should not leave any hot stuff on your carpet and other surfaces unattended. Iron, hair straighteners and curlers are the most common reasons of burnt carpets. To avoid this happening, we suggest getting a heat-resistant mat. 

Another source of burns is cigarettes, to avoid that, you should not be smoking inside as stated in the tenant's contract. 

4. Keep it tidy and empty

One of the biggest reasons why students lose their deposit is the general tidiness of the place after the move-out. Things like cleanliness of the carpets, surfaces, furniture, bathroom and kitchen appliances all make a difference in how much deposit will be returned to you. So, do not forget to hoover up dust the skirting, wash up the dishes and empty the washing machine before you leave the house! 

Also, make sure that the room is as empty as you found it once you have moved in. Any items in the drawers, wardrobe or under the bed need removing before the next tenant moves in. The same applies to the communal areas such as kitchen and living room - try to empty all the cupboards and clean the oven (many houses require an oven clean after the tenancy, the cost of which is taken from the deposit). So, if you have some stuff that you think is in good condition and someone would enjoy it, instead of leaving it in the property, take it to a local charity shop. This will both save your money and help someone else!

5. Candles and wax

All of the student accommodation does not allow candles to be burned in the rooms as it is a hazard to your housemates and you. However, burns and wax stains to the furniture and the carpet are often reasons for diminished deposit. Wax is especially difficult to take off the surfaces, not to mention the effect of burns... We strongly recommend that you do not use candles in the house. In the past they have caused burns and deposit deductions.

6. Keep an eye on the shower

Another common problem after the tenants have moved out is the state of the grouting and sealing in the bathrooms. If not cleaned for a whole year, the grout between the tiles will get discoloured and will need re-doing for the next tenants. Just an occasional clean of the shower or a bath will not only help prevent the wear and tear of the grout, but will also help prevent mould and clogged drains. 

7. Bonus tip - Avoid Condensation

One of the biggest problems in all houses in England is condensation and damp. Number 1 thing that prevents humidity is ventilation. This is especially important in the bathrooms - you should open the window and close the door after a shower/bath. Moist air particles in the steamy bathroom can lead to mould development.

On the same note, make sure you ventilate and keep the room warm if you are drying your clothes in it - this will help to dry your clothes quicker and the room will not get humid.

8.Bonus Pictures - surprises we found this year

We found a couple of funny surprises this year. If you are looking to getting back your full deposit, we do not recommend breaking your bed into two pieces! Or putting bricks under the bed for the much-needed support